Another train ride…

… another apology for not blogging. I need a Venn diagram with one circle saying “Linux working” and another saying “Internet access”, and where they intersect is labelled “Blogging”. It’s rare.

I get on a train tomorrow morning at 6am and spend two days travelling to Irkutsk. Then I’m hiking by Lake Baikal – my Algonquin Park camping experience will no doubt come in handy. But all this means that my internet access is very limited. And when I do get to blog again, I’ll be updating entries chronologically, so expect to see news from Moscow for some time to come. But I’m taking lots of photos which, despite wordpress’s limited photoblogging capabilities, will turn up here at some point. Even if that point is in Seoul.

I hope all of you are very well (by which I mean my friends, although I suppose that extends to humanity in general), and I will be in touch soon. Feel free to email me with your updates – even if I can’t reply, I really appreciate hearing how you’re doing.


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