Friday June 22, 2012 – Irkutsk addendum

That night we went for dinner at Tower Pub, I believe it was called, an English-themed restaurant on Karl Marx Avenue in the heart of Irkutsk. I wasn’t expecting vegetarian food and indeed there wasn’t any on the menu, so I broke down and had fish. Sorry for the fuzziness, but this is me confronting the fact that I’m about to not only eat fish, but to eat a whole fish:

(Please note that I’m posting this because it shows me breaking my vegetarian diet, not because I think it’s OK to blog about what you’re about to eat. That’s just ridiculous. Though I did appreciate the Newcastle Brown Ale they served – 4 times what you’d pay for Russian beer, but so much better.)

The restaurant itself was delightfully kitsch – all the famous images and stereotypes of London compressed into one room:

We strolled to the main square to see the local Lenin, along Lenina Street in a public square. The Soviets did public space well. Here he is, pointing to the future again:

Behind us on the street, a stretch Hummer full of graduating high school students:


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