In the motherland

The one that’s not the UK. This is a quick post to let you know I’ve arrived safely in Seoul, rented the most expensive iPhone in the world and made it to my home stay. Seoul is clean, bright, safe and I’ve already been taken out for bibimbap by a Korean I met in Vladivostok airport. I’m staying with a lovely leftist couple and their 5 year old son, who thinks I have a big face. In sum, all is well.


2 thoughts on “In the motherland

  1. Great to hear you ‘arrived’ safely. Hope your character has been tempered by your month-long sojourn in the country of strange happenings. 🙂

    • Thanks Greg. Tempered, confused, bewildered… I don’t think I understand Russia any more, now I just have more questions! Why are there no sidewalks? Why are there factories in the middle of cities? Why is everything meat-based? I’ll blog more about these at length soon.

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