Korean advertisements and signs

In lieu of a long story about bureaucracy, here are some photos of ads. But first, the Lenin meme. The trick to these is to use Illustrator, and use the Eyedropper tool to match the text colour with his face, otherwise it looks too crisp. I also added a small Gaussian blur. So, here’s Lenin as a teenage liberal:

A 16-storey plastic surgery tower in Gangnam:

A university recruitment ad. I would go:

Why are they white?

And again. Who are these people and what are they doing in Korea? Besides selling jeans.


The incessant pro-family ideology is a little wearing:

Hell yeah:

These look so good, virus or no:

It would seem that, by definition, it would be very hard to preserve the intangible. I’ll have to visit the Association and see how it’s done:

Fuck you, Absolut, for commodifying a revolutionary movie:

Problematic-alert. Try to appreciate this sociologically:

A reluctant petty bourgeois:

Those poor, mutant bulls. But I’d probably go see them:

This is not just a clever pop-art reference to pearls and swine. The restaurant sells pork:

I wonder what kind of work visa he has?

A shelter for men, but not exactly a men’s shelter:


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