When Goodbye is Thank You

Sometimes not having time to blog is a blessing, because it gives more space to incredible talents like my friend Shirley. I’ve not only been privileged to have her in my life for many years, despite our differing travel trajectories; I’ve been a witness to her many artistic talents. Here she is picking up paper cutting and line art and casually mastering them at first go. Check out her other posts for equally adept demonstrations of different mediums. What makes Shirley’s art stand out is not just technical talent, though she has that in spades; it’s also the emotional and intellectual concepts behind it. The woman is close to having a PhD, after all, and she puts the same kind of thoughtfulness and focus into her art.

When Goodbye is Thank You.


One thought on “When Goodbye is Thank You

  1. Greg! Thanks very much for the generous and kind words here. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. This absolutely made my day. I’m the very lucky one to have you as a friend! I’m always inspired by your indomitable (!) sense of adventure, and–being a homebody and art nerd–am living vicariously through your travels. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more from you, and hoping that our paths cross again soon so we can compare notes on life outside of Toronto. 🙂 Big hug.

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